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Home Exterior Improvement Contractor

At Royal Renovations, we not only provide interior remodeling home improvement assistance, but we also offer exterior improvement for your home. Royal Renovations’ exterior home improvement services include:

Royal Siding with Lifetime Warranty
Royal siding is just one of the great investments we offer that is backed by a full lifetime warranty. This warranty covers every cosmetic issue, from peeling to scratches. Here at Royal Renovations, we only vend top quality siding from the best suppliers in the industry. We have countless siding options to match any homeowner’s desires and budget.

Royal Crest brand
Royal Crest is a well-known, heavy-duty vinyl siding that continuously surpasses top industry impact criteria. Royal Crest siding comes in an array of stylish colors and with woodgrain finish. Recently, Royal Crest re-designed the siding nail hem affording a simpler and stronger installation.

Residential brand
The other option offered is Residential Siding, which provides a reliable, long-lasting and good-looking choice for your home. The natural woodgrain finish gives your house a classic look and comes in your choice of popular hues.

Overhangs with Lifetime Warranty
Overhangs are important for the structural integrity of your home because they keep the windows and sides of your home dry and safe from water damage. Our company offers a range of overhangs to meet your home’s needs. Royal Renovations’ overhangs are offered in double 5, triple 4, beaded and hidden vent options. We only handle the top quality overhangs and provide overhangs with lifetime warranty.

Royal Renovations provides fence installation to enhance the attractiveness of your home and give you and your family a sense of privacy. Our fences are offered in vinyl, wood, chain link and even ornamental options.

A vinyl fence may be your best bet for an easy to maintain fence with the look of a classic, wooden one. Our vinyl fences are a wonderful way to give your property a makeover. This strong material is great for creating a retreat for you and your pets. There are many cut-rate vinyl fencing companies that use a vinyl cover over a cheap wood interior. Here at Royal Renovations, we only use the full vinyl fence method with your choice of color and top.

Wooden fencing is a great way to create a classic fencing look for your yard. We can assure that our wood fences are only manufactured from the top quality pickets and frame rails. At Royal Renovations, we build all of our wooded fences right on your property to guarantee the fence we build for you will fit perfectly in your yard.

Seamless Gutters - Seamless gutters are an absolute must for your home. Gutters are manufactured to direct water off of your roof and into drains. Royal Renovations provides Seamless gutters which diminish leaking risks. We can guarantee that the gutters we offer will keep their color for years to come because their enamel is seared on. For your convenience, the Seamless gutters are produced in various sizes: six inch and five inch. To ensure a precise fit, our contractors construct seamless gutters on your property.

Our company can provide roof repair and installation as well. Royal Renovations only uses cutting-edge materials and procedures when performing roof productions. The shingles we provide for your roofing needs come in numerous colors and hues to produce a perfect match for your home.

Here at Royal Renovations, we can even deliver concrete services. We specialize in sidewalks, walkways, driveways and even lots.