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Patios and Patio Covers

Patio covers are an extremely effective way to improve your patio’s attributes. You will love the space that these covers create.

We are happy to offer our customers custom built, low maintenance patio covers, patio enclosures, and sunrooms for all of their outdoor needs.

Our quality patio covers will last you many years and are a great investment for your home. Royal Renovations conveniently offers two types of patio covers:

  • Flat Pan Patio Covers - If you desire more shade and a weather shield so you can enjoy your outdoor patio space, the Flat Pan Patio Cover is perfect for you. This patio cover provides solid roofing so you will be able to enjoy your patio even in inclement weather conditions.
  • Insulated patio covers - Royal Renovations also provides insulated patio covers with panels that will hold up and never lose their vibrant color. We can assure that our patio covers provide a lot more than shade, they will provide an entirely different outdoor living space.

Sunrooms and Screen Enclosures

The Room Enclosures that are offered Royal Renovations are precisely manufactured to meet the specific conditions of our climate while not neglecting convenience and attractiveness.

If your desire is to add a little extra room to your living space without an expensive, renovation over-haul, Room Enclosures are a great choice. Royal Renovations provides two different types of room enclosures:

  • Screen Enclosures - Imagine sitting within a fully screened patio protected from the weather and bugs outside! What a way to enjoy your space. A screen enclosure prolongs the usefulness of your patio and makes the area a wonderful place for entertaining in any type of weather.
  • Sunrooms - To have an outdoor space where you can even control the temperature, consider turning your unusable patio space into a beautiful and versatile sunroom. With a full glass enclosure, you will add splendor and relaxation to your home. Plus, you will have many more choices in décor for your space because it will be protected from nature’s elements.

Lattice Covers

Lattice covers are an excellent addition to your yard and can even increase the value of your home. These covers can be practical as well as decorative.

The lattice covers offered by are all manufactured by the top companies in the industry and constructed from resilient aluminum. These covers are all embellished with a wood textured finish. We can provide you with lattice cover which is extremely easy to preserve. You will never have to deal with nasty splinters or cracking because of the heavy-duty materials this lattice is made of. Your lattice will stay as beautiful as the day it was installed for years to come.

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